School Lead Testing Update

Earlier this year, the State Water Resources Control Board and the Department of Education launched a new program to identify the potential presence of lead in school water systems. Lead problems at the tap are uncommon in California due to newer infrastructure and less corrosive water than other parts of the county. CVWD supports efforts to identify the presence of lead in a school drinking water systems and is working with schools who request testing.

As a result of the Daily Bulletin article published on June 7, 2017, CVWD is working with both the Cucamonga School District (CSD) and Alta Loma School District (ALSD) to ensure the correct information is provided. The Daily Bulletin article stated that Cucamonga Elementary School within CSD tested for lead above the acceptable level per State standards. This information is not correct. On May 5, 2017 CVWD, in partnership with CSD, collected lead samples from all three CSD schools located in CVWD’s service area. No lead was detected.

CVWD also collected lead samples from all ten schools within the Alta Loma School District. Out of 50 samples taken, lead was detected in three samples from two separate schools. None of the samples detecting lead were from sources utilized by students for drinking water. Only one of these samples detected lead above the acceptable level per State standards. When ALSD learned lead was detected, they took immediate action to replace plumbing fixtures to correct the issue. When CVWD conducted follow up sampling, the lead level was below the State’s acceptable level at all locations. While all schools within ALSD are now below the acceptable level, and ALSD is not required to take more action, the school district is going above and beyond to evaluate the plumbing systems to ensure the safety of their school campuses.

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