Budget Conference Committee Does Not Adopt Proposed Tax on Drinking Water

On June 8, 2018, Governor Jerry Brown and the Legislature’s Budget Conference Committee dropped their pursuit of the proposed Tax on Drinking Water, a tax that CVWD strongly opposes. The State was able to identify other funding mechanisms, including the General Fund, as a far more practical way to make safe drinking water accessible for all Californians, without saddling the golden state’s residents with another tax.

“We commend the intent of the State to ensure safe drinking water for all Californians but believe it can be achieved through other funding mechanisms,” commented CVWD Board President, James V. Curatalo Jr. “CVWD supports access to clean drinking water for all, but a statewide water tax is not the way to achieve it.”

Though the Tax on Drinking Water was dropped by the Governor, the components of the tax could still be advanced later this summer through Senator Monning’s legislation, SB 623. Stay tuned as CVWD continues to advocate for safe drinking water for all- without a statewide tax.

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